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Hearing Care Center makes our clients our priority, and we go out of our way to give you personalized care. That carries through into how we approach the hearing aid part of our practice. Hearing loss is unique for every client, and the treatment of hearing loss should be just as individualized. When we recommend hearing devices to you, we consider your specific hearing loss, your lifestyle, and your needs.

To help us give clients like you the best possible results, we work with different hearing aid manufacturers to offer a wide range of hearing instruments. Because we are not contractually obligated to a single hearing aid brand, we are able to look across several different manufacturers to find the specific hearing devices to suit your personal needs.

Hearing Aid Technology

Hearing Care Center wants you to hear the best you can. We base our recommendations on the results of your hearing test as well as what you tell us about your usual listening environments. With most hearing aids, you'll have three levels of technology to choose from, based on what you need. The most advanced technology gives you more background noise cancellation and other benefits; lower technology levels are simpler and cost less.

We won't ever upsell you or suggest a higher level of technology than you need — if you tend to stay home or spend your time in quiet environments, you can probably get by with something simpler. But we do want you to have good results, so we encourage clients to take advantage of the technology that's available today and not just focus on getting the cheapest hearing aids they can. Your hearing aids won't do you any good if they aren't working like you hoped they would!

Most of the hearing aids we sell are behind-the-ear styles (including the common receiver-in-canal model). These styles are versatile and can allow for more powerful technology, rechargeability, and Bluetooth connectivity. And you might be surprised just how discreet they are.

Our Consultation Room

Your Purchase

When you buy hearing instruments from Hearing Care Center, you get more than just the devices themselves. We offer a bundled package that includes three years of unlimited service with our audiologists. That includes follow-up visits, hearing aid adjustments, hearing tests, and our time making any repairs. We encourage you to come as often as you need. If anything ever seems wrong with your hearing aid during that three-year period, you can come see us without paying a cent. We never want you to worry about coming in if your hearing aids aren't working. They won't do you any good if they're not working and kept in a drawer, and chances are we can fix them to work just as well as they used to in no time — and at no cost to you.


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