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Paul Milner

Paul Milner, Ph.D., CCC-A — Audiologist & Owner

Dr. Paul Milner has over 45 years of experience in hearing and hearing disorders, scientific and clinical research, and applications related to acoustics, broadcast and recording technologies. In 1989, Paul decided to open a private audiology practice in his hometown of Sharon with the goal of providing personalized and caring services for people with hearing loss.

Paul received his Ph.D. in Speech and Hearing Sciences from The City University of New York Graduate School after completing studies in engineering and communications at MIT and Polytechnic Institute of Brooklyn, NY. His clinical research investigated speech understanding by the hard of hearing.

Prior to opening Hearing Care Center, Paul was a clinical and research audiologist at Massachusetts Eye and Ear Infirmary in Boston. For 17 years, he was an audiological and technical consultant to the audiology program in the department of otolaryngology and communication disorders at Children's Hospital in Boston. He has also worked with people who were profoundly deaf and receiving cochlear implants at the Veteran's Administration in West Haven, CT, and at Yale Medical School.

Paul has been on the part-time faculty of Northeastern University, Bridgewater State University, the University of Rhode Island, Emerson College, and Worcester State University where he taught courses in audiology, speech, and hearing sciences to both undergraduate and graduate students and provided clinical supervision. He is also a technical expert trainer for Frye Electronics, a manufacturer of hearing aid test systems, and was an advanced technology consultant to Siemens Hearing Instruments.

Paul's credentials include:

Professional memberships include:

Paul is also active in community organizations, including:

When Paul opened Hearing Care Center, his wife, Ione, gave him a jade elephant for good luck. Not only has Hearing Care Center thrived for the past 27 years, but scores of elephants can be found throughout the whole office, interspersed among his collection of antique hearing aids.

Paul's collection of elephants and antique hearing aids.
Judy Learner Nichols

Judy Learner Nichols, MS, CCC-A — Audiologist

Judy Learner Nichols has over 40 years of experience in the field of audiology. Her sincere warmth and interest in helping people are vital contributions to the client care provided at Hearing Care Center. She joined the staff in October 2007 as an expert in fitting and fine-tuning digital hearing aids.

Judy received her Master in Audiology degree from the University of Arizona. Her professional experience is varied, having provided audiologic and hearing aid management for adults and children. Judy began her career as an educational audiologist in a private school setting and as the primary audiologist at a community hospital, both of which served people of all ages. She also trained as a parent-infant specialist in Portland, OR, where she worked closely with families of infants with hearing loss.

Prior to joining the staff of Hearing Care Center, Judy was a representative and trainer for a major hearing aid manufacturer for 20 years, which gave her the opportunity to work with audiologists and hearing aid specialists throughout New England.

Judy is a licensed audiologist in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. Additionally, her credentials and affiliations include:

Kim Marie Nichols

Kim Marie Nicols, MSW, MA — Customer Relations Manager

Kim Marie Nicols has extensive experience working with Deaf and hard of hearing people primarily in the fields of social work and education. She joined the staff of Hearing Care Center in December 2007 and provides front office coverage, develops the marketing and promotional materials and events, posts on the Facebook page, and advises hearing aid users and their families about available resources.

Kim Marie earned a Master of Educational Administration and Supervision degree at the National Leadership Training Program in the Field of Deafness at California State University at Northridge. She also has a Master of Social Work degree from Boston College, specializing in Clinical Social Work with the Hearing Impaired. She is fluent in American Sign Language (ASL) and trained as an oral interpreter.

Before coming to Hearing Care Center, Kim Marie was employed by the EDCO Collaborative's Mainstream Program for Deaf and hard of hearing middle school students in Newton, MA, where she was a school counselor for five years. Prior to that position, she served for 13 years as the Boston case manager at the Massachusetts Commission for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing. She has also worked at the New England Home for the Deaf, the Massachusetts Eye and Ear Infirmary, and The Learning Center for Deaf Children. For several years, Kim Marie was a part-time therapist with Ione G. Milner (Dr. Paul Milner's wife), through the Psychotherapy Collaborative at Hearing Care Center.

Ear BalloonsActive in local politics, Kim Marie serves as an elected member of the Needham School Committee, has worked on numerous campaigns and ballot initiatives, and is a Needham Town Meeting member.

Kim Marie fills the notebooks in the waiting room with comics related to hearing loss and hearing aids and shares her collection at under Hearing Care Humor.

>Nancy R. Wiener

Nancy R. Wiener, ABA — Client Information Manager

Nancy Wiener joined the staff of Hearing Care Center in September 2012.

She is responsible for maintaining our client database and providing direct communication with all of our clients. She also handles the insurance billing for companies that provide hearing aid coverage. Nancy is the one you will most likely speak with to set up an appointment or retrieve information from your file—and, if we haven't seen you for a while, you can count on her to give you a friendly follow-up call!

Prior to joining Hearing Care Center, Nancy worked as an advertising and marketing executive for a local yellow page/internet company for 14 years. She also has an extensive background in retail management and marketing from her many years as co-owner of several small retail establishments in the Boston/Cambridge area.

Nancy and her husband are longtime residents of Sharon, where they have raised their two children and have been active members of the community.

Jessica Soccio

Jessica Soccio, BS — Extern

Beginning in July 2015, Jessica Soccio, who is in her fourth year of the audiology program at Nova Southeastern University in Fort Lauderdale, FL, has been serving a full-time externship at Hearing Care Center. Jessica previously worked at our office from February to August 2012, first as an undergraduate intern and then as office assistant upon her graduation from the University of Rhode Island in Kingston, RI.

Hearing Care Center has been a teaching facility for student interns for about 20 years. Over the past year, three graduate students from Audiology Doctoral programs at Northeastern University in Boston, MA, and the University of Massachusetts in Amherst, MA, have served internships ranging from three to six months. Every intern student has been an asset to our office, demonstrating excellent clinical and interpersonal skills. They all will be welcomed colleagues to the field of audiology.

Jessica Soccio

Jessica representing Hearing Care Center at the Foxboro Health Fair

Ione G. Milner

Ione G. Milner, MSW, LICSW — Therapist

Ione Milner, the wife of Dr. Paul Milner, founded the Psychotherapy Collaborative at Hearing Care Center in 1989, where she provided mental health services to people with hearing loss along with Kim Marie Nicols. Since she retired from the Massachusetts Department of Social Services, Ione has been employed as a fulltime therapist at United Health Associates located in Sharon and Attleboro.

Phyllis Cohen

Phyllis Cohen — Retired

Phyllis Cohen was an associate at Hearing Care Center for 22 years. She cheerfully answered the telephone and covered front office duties, dealt with insurance companies, and cleaned and cared for hearing aids. She is a missed member of the staff, but often drops by to visit.

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