Hearing Aid Services

When hearing aids are fitted, they are adjusted individually using a sophisticated computer fitting system. This provides the precise fitting of amplification needed to compensate for each person's hearing loss and lifestyle.

Hearing aid on ear

100% Digital Hearing Aids

The most advanced hearing instruments today feature 100% digital signal processing amplifiers, permitting fully automatic control of hearing aid performance in a wide variety of listening conditions.

Hearing aid features may include multiple frequency bands and programs, directional microphones, background noise reduction and more. Benefits to users include clearer, more natural sound and the ability to hear and understand speech in difficult environments.

Hearing Care Center offers hearing instruments from world leaders in hearing aid technology and also offers 100% digital hearing aids, digitally-programmable analog hearing aids, and conventional non-programmable hearing aids. All are available in various sizes and styles to suit all degrees of hearing loss, ranging from powerful behind-the-ear (BTE) models and in-the-ear (ITE) styles to the nearly invisible completely-in-the-canal (CIC) models.

Hearing aid styles

Verification and Validations

Performance assessment, verification, and validation for each client are as important as precision hearing aid fitting. In addition to real-ear performance measurement, Hearing Care Center is uniquely equipped with a special sound room featuring a multi-speaker audio system. Using special recordings, the hearing aid user can be placed in many different everyday listening situations, such as restaurants, cocktail parties, a business conference, a busy street corner, a shopping mall, a concert hall, an intimate jazz club, and many others without leaving our office. The hearing aid user can experience realistic situations and can assess the benefits of the advanced features available with the newest technology.

Hearing Aid Repair and Maintenance

EarQ Secure Warranty

We provide hearing aid repairs, batteries, and supplies to keep your devices going. Ask about the 4-Year Secure Warranty, the best hearing aid protection in the industry, available on all EarQ hearing aids!

Our lab for full-service fitting, programming, repairs, and more.

Hearing Aid Brands

While we can service nearly any brand of hearing aid, we primarily carry the following manufacturers in our office:

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